Hi. I'm Megan, the Owner, Editor-in-Chief and Hot-Mess Emeritus at Yumology.com. I started this site back in 2011 as a place to share recipes, products, philanthropy and all things food. Due to the daily evolutions we all experience the blog has grown to include personal testimonies on the chaos of parenthood, marriage, family, friends, work and so on. Big LOVE to those who have offered support during massive brain implosions!

Through all the ups and downs food has been constant. Yumology has gotten our family buns out of the drive thru and into the kitchen. It has forced us to work together and create something delicious. I am so thankful for it and for you.

Our cast of characters is small. I have an amazing husband, CoffeeMaker (named for his morning ritual and general ability to put gas in my tank). He works in college sports so the majority of our time is spent back and forth between home and the arena. He's a master of the grill and a guinea pig for every recipe you'll see posted. Not always his favorite part of the job, but he smiles through every dish nonetheless.

We have our one - and for now only - ToddlerBaby (named as such because he'll always be my baby despite being a toddler, kid, teen and so on).  He's kind of amazingly perfect so be warned of the gushing that will inevitably follow. 

We have a hungry pup named Taffy (really that's her name), and we all live a simple life in America's Heartland. 

My sister, on the other hand, CakePop, is Yumology's Travel Editor. She's young, bite-sized and fun at parties (hence the nickname). CakePop lives a life of Bohemian-Chic in New York City. She travels the world often and reports back on the culinary treasures she discovers. We all want to know where we can sign up to be CakePop for a day!

Big love to the Yummies who have followed our journey thus far. We're so thankful you have made Yumology a part of your world. We hope you'll stick around and help us make every day delicious.

Much love Yummies! xoxo


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