Friday, April 4, 2014

It's Fridaaaaay! Time to put your party pants on!
Or, in food blogger land, "It's Friday, time to go to the grocery store and cook like you're possessed by the powers of peanut butter."

Either way, hit up these Friday Favorites whilst you're basking in all of today's gloriousness.

A collection of things I am loving from the world wide webosphere.

I'm so excited about CNN's new LOST spin off I can't even tell you. It's a little slower than the original but I have high hopes next week's episode will pick up the pace.

David Beckham has a swimwear line and I have a new screensaver.

SEVEN, er. THREE. Sorry forgot how to count there for a sec…THREE
People are like, pissed, about how HIMYM ended the series this week. I'll admit, it wasn't what I had been envisioning for the past decade but, meh, I rolled with it.

I have the blackest thumb ever but I am determined to make these Spring Garden Boxes from 
Simply Happenstance this weekend.

I have a bit of an ice cream addiction. And by addiction I mean I want to make pizza and sandwiches out of this Roasted Orange and Lavender Buttermilk Ice Cream from Foodness Gracious.

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find the time to sit down and read a book when you're a parent. However, I have a date with Ruth Reichl's new novel Delicious as soon as it lands on my doorstep! 

Did you know there's a knife specifically made to core apples?! It's posts like these that make me feel like a total foodie failure.

We've all played with Pringles tins, but these artists are taking it to a whole new level. A functioning pipe organ?! Get outta here!

It's no longer March, and the Shockers are no longer in the tournament, but it's still MADNESS and I am so ready for the Final Four tomorrow.

In other news S'mores scones now exist, thanks to A Kitchen Addiction. 
Breakfast is once again the cool kid.

Please remember to share links from your blog and/or things you are loving this week in the comments section below.



  1. Some great ones here! I have to say that my fav ice cream is Golden Oreo Ice white trash and not sophisticated like your flavor but hey...I gotta be me lol ;)

    1. Not white trash at all! LOL! Golden Oreos are da bomb!