Sunday, March 16, 2014

Well Yummies, today marks my last food adventure in the Big Apple, and I saved one of my best places for last.

S'MAC is the home of carb-compacted goodness and it can only be found in the East Village…alright they recent built one in Midtown due to the growing popularity, but nothing beats the original. Nothing.

Sarita's Mac n Cheese is not only filled with some of the most creative and delicious mac n' cheese concoctions, but many fond memories with good friends and good food after some epic nights in New York City's East Village.

This week, my best friend and I used a Living Social deal that included a mac n cheese meal for two with two drinks. We ordered the Parisienne mac n cheese which is stuffed with shiitake muchrooms, figs, rosemary and brie. The sweet figs with the salty and creamy decadence of brie keeps your taste buds begging for more. We washed it all down with a couple of Stella Artois' to commemorate the occasion and to accompany our "major munch" mac n'cheeses.

My other favorite S'MAC recipes are the Napoletana - mozzerella, tomoatoes, garlic and basil for a more traditional and fresh approach; as well as the Buffalo Chicken Mac n' Cheese - cheddar and american cheeses, chicken, buffalo sauce, and crumbled blue cheese if desired.

If the skillet full of pasta ain't enough, you can get any recipe with bread crumbs on top. Or, if you're more health conscious than that, each dish is offered in vegan reduced lactose and gluten free varieties. They have a little something for everyone at S'MAC.

Honestly, you can order anything here and not go wrong. You can also get a variety of sizes for your meal from a small "nosh" for the dainty eaters, to a "partay" size mac n cheese for the whole house. Did I mention they can make it to-go? Bonus!

To that end friends, I bid the Big Apple adieu. My tummy and my soul have bee well-fed whilst I lived here amongst artists and vagrants. I will miss many restaurants and dives in this city. I have had many culinary food adventures here that have been absolutely delicious.

This spring I am moving to Australia and I shall be reporting new food adventures from the land Down Under. So stay tuned Yummies, many exciting and exotic flavors ahead.



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