Sunday, March 2, 2014

The more I explore the Financial District, the more hidden food gems I come across. Stone Street is a popular area for pub life, but there is an innocuous pub on Chambers Street that is a short walk from the Woolworth Building, City Hall and other Downtown sites. This establishment, tucked alongside Irish pubs and Mom and Pop stores is called, Mudville 9.

I have a small confession to make. I am a major buffalo sauce addict. I honestly can't go without it for too long or I get twitchy. My friend, who lives in the financial district, knows this fact about me and decided to show me the best boneless buffalo wings she's ever had, here at Mudville 9.

She couldn't have been more right! I ordered the mild boneless wings and they were great! I ate with my head down in a sort of trance, while my friend chomped down on her  BBQ sauce-smothered chicken sandwich.

Mudville 9 hosts every type of New Yorker imaginable: from the hipster to the wall street suit, everyone loves to hit Mudville for a quick bite, a cold microbrew and a comfortable place to watch the game with some friends.

My friend had created a monster. I told her that I will be dragging her to Mudville with me every time my craving for spicy, buttery wings kicked in. Hope to catch you all there.

Enjoy Yummies!



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