Friday, February 14, 2014

Here we go Yummies! A Valentine's Day edition of Friday Favorites...

Ben and Matt. Matt and Ben. The bromance continues in the name of charity. Just seeing this promo made me yearn for Good Will Hunting 2.

This bride wins at life. She turned her wedding into her own personal VMA Awards. Get it girl!

There are crafty mommas, and there are not-so-crafty mommas. Since ToddlerBaby took some lame perforated Cars Valentine's to school this morning I'm realizing I fall into the latter. But I have crafty friends who came up with some adorable Valentine's Day school gifts. I had to share with you.
Made by crafty momma Rachael McPherson

Made by crafty momma Tessa Konen

Google's Valentine's Day homepage. Presh! 'Nuff said.

I love it when double entendres come together in baked goods. Thank you Bake at 350.

Chocolate on a stick?! Life accomplished.

Billboard pulled together 20 love songs sung by real life celebrity music couples: Bey and Jay. Tim and Faith. Johnny and June. The gang's all here.

Princess Kate rocked a BLUE dress on Valentine's Day, thereby setting the internet ablaze with her brazen disregard for pink and red's feelings. The nerve.

We wrote an article on aphrodisiacs earlier this week for It was fun to research. Read it.

CoffeeMaker. A Friday Favorite every Friday but especially today. I love you. Oh, and, his Shockers are STILL undefeated. They share the unbeaten season with Syracuse thanks to this unbelievable shot!



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