Friday, February 7, 2014

Here we go Yummies. This week's Friday Favorites…

George Clooney. The man is perfection. Not only is he the definition suave but he's a bit of a rascal to boot! Did anyone else see his interview on LIVE with Kelly & Michael yesterday? Poor Matt Damon. P.S. Kelly Ripa wore no make-up on the day George Clooney was on the show. Uh, sorry producer-man but I'll save the naked face segment for when we interview Elton John, mmmkay?

Jay Leno's farewell episode of the Tonight Show aired last night. It felt like one of those strange dreams where all these random people start showing up. They have absolutely no relevance to each other and you can't quite figure out how your subconscious manifested this group. And then Kim Kardashian starts singing…please wake up! please wake up! please wake up!

Spoiler alert! Popsugar is already writing about all the horrible malfunctions, outfits and performances at tonight's opening ceremonies. According to them you can just throw the Hunger Games in your DVD player and it's pretty much the same thing.

A North Carolina McDonald's is hosting romantic, candlelit Valentine's Day dinners. The area's sixteen year-old boys and 32 year-old men who still live with their parents just gave themselves a massive high-five.

Have you seen the Celebrities Read Mean Tweets bit on Jimmy Kimmel. I DIE! This will be how I spend the rest of my weekend. Seriously, don't call.

Either Wednesday or Thursday was World Nutella Day. Why can't everyday be World Nutella Day?

Bev at BevCooks baked some twins about a month ago and her Instagram is full of beautiful precious images of these little nuggets. Baby. Fever. Central.

Bella Sun Luci sent us the most amazing box of their products yesterday. If anyone needs me I'll be in the back bathing in sun dried tomato pesto.

Channing Tatum coined the word "FAPPY" this week calling himself "Fat & Happy." I'm coining a new word FAPXY. Fat & Happy & Sexy. The man is just precious.

CoffeeMaker's Shockers are 24-0. What will tomorrow's game bring? Fingers, eyes, toes and ears all crossed that we'll continue the streak! #WatchUs

Have a delicious weekend Yummies! xoxo



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