Friday, February 21, 2014

Here we go Yummies. Yet another edition of our Friday Favorites, a collection of delicious things from around the web this week...

Sing it. "All by myself. Don't wanna be, all by myself. Anymoooore." Except we do! CoffeeMaker's Wichita State Shockers are the ONLY - check it ONE and ONLY - undefeated team left in men's college basketball. Oh and we hit the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. Say whaa?

It's a rare phenomenon in the television universe when two of your favorite TV shows collide. NBC has rocked my socks by having the Friday Night Lights Crucifictorious band show up to record a session at the Luncheonette on Parenthood in a mini-web-series created just for me. 

I spent far too much time watching Sex and the City reruns on E! this week, so imagine my jubilation when PopSugar announced that a third movie was in the works. 

It's blood orange season, and just when I thought this magical time of year couldn't get any better Savory Simple made a Blood Orange Marmalade that looks so beautiful I don't know whether to eat it or make out with it.

Brian Williams needs to quit his day job and become a rapper. P.S. Jimmy Fallon is now the host of the Tonight Show so we can all plan to get our giggles on an hour earlier than usual.

I inadvertently came across this door personality test on Facebook and it was eerily spot on. 

Chocolate Chip Brownie Pancakes from The Gouda Life. Thanks for playing cereal, oatmeal, yogurt and fruit, but this bad boy just dominated the breakfast table.

Never underestimate a girl scout's savvy when it comes to slanging cookies. 

You can now buy Cinnabon scented air freshener…or you could just make your own cinnamon rolls and eat them. Just sayin'...

I'm not sure how to feel about these Best Picture re-enactments by children. Is it really precious to have an 8 year old mimic The Wolf of Wall Street or Dallas Buyers Club? In related news more and more children under the age of 10 are seeking psychotherapy. Coincidence? I think not Hollywood.

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Have a delicious weekend Yummies! xoxo



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