Sunday, February 2, 2014

Looking to take a trip to Italy, but don’t have the time or funds? If you live in New York City, Italy is never too far away. There are thousands of restaurants here that pride themselves on their authentic Italian food. Eataly, near the Flatiron Building on 23rd Street, will make you feel like a true Italian.

The minute you walk into Eataly, you are enchanted by the smells and sights of Italian produce. From fresh fruits and veggies decked out in an authentic Italian market style, to the fine and extensive selection of wines, beer, meats, pasta, seafood and bread, you feel like a true Italian, perusing the market for your evening meal. Eataly provides you with all your Italian ingredient needs as well as state of the art utensils and a diverse cooking book collection.  If you can’t cook, don’t worry. Eataly has you covered with cooking classes by authentic Italian chefs.

Ironically, spending all day cooking, wine and beer tasting, and grocery shopping can leave one feeling tired and hungry.  Interspersed between the meat, cheese and seafood counters are seating areas devoted to a specific type of food. You may sit at the veggie section, seafood section, pasta section or carne section. In the past, I ate in the seafood section and had a delicious rendition of the pasta de fruits de mer with a white wine. This time, I decided to try the veggie section.  

My friend and I started with the bruschetta du jour which was a toasted crositini topped with burrata cheese, sautéed zucchini with a mint, lemon and olive oil vinaigrette.  Afterwards, I ordered the cannelloni de funghi: rolled pasta stuffed with a sautéed medely of mushrooms in a cheesy sage béchamel sauce. My friend ordered the gnocchi with broccoli rabe and a marinara, pesto sauce. The gnocchi was not shaped in your traditional dumpling style, but as small pancake medallions. 

 For dessert, we took a trip to the Dolce section and I indulged in a tiramisu parfait. 

The Flatiron district has become a major foodie mecca due to their plethora of restaurants, some of which are favorites of big Food Network stars and other celebrities. I highly recommend you try these other restaurants in the area, but if you crave some Italian food that you can make for yourself at home, or are looking for a unique Italian dining experience then bienvenuto a Eataly!

Buono appetito Yummies! xoxox



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