Sunday, February 9, 2014

Located right next to my favorite spot in the city, American Table is the perfect place to grab a quick drink, coffee, or bite to eat before catching a performance at the surrounding Lincoln Center theaters for the ballet, opera, orchestral concert, drama, comedy or any other performing art you could imagine.

The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is a prestigious performing arts establishment that has appeared in many films such as Black Swan and Ghostbusters and is home to the acclaimed Juillard School for the performing arts. Many great masters of theatre, dance and music have graced these halls, corriders and plazas where inspiration flows free and caters to the artists within us all.

While you are feeding your soul, be sure to feed your body with some delicious and fairly reasonable food and drinks at American Table. As we all know, food and drink can be expensive when seeing a show, but if you are looking for a substantial, artsy and delicious meal for cheap, then American Table is perfect for the starving artists inside you.

I come here to work, read and relax all the time because the food is great, but the atmosphere is unique. The restaurant is encased in floor to ceiling windows that look out onto the bustling streets of the Upper Westside. The restaurant is an attachment to the Starr Theatre in the Alice Tully Hall building, making it the perfect stop before a show.

On a cold February day, I decided to order their delicious tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich. Judging by the decor, I thought I would get a tiny cup of soup with some fancy designs and a small cut of a pitiful excuse for a sandwich. Boy was I wrong! the soup arrived in a large bowl and was surrounded by a large grilled sandwich and a half! I stayed a while to read and write because the food and the surrounding artistry made my brain soar with artistic inspiration. I could spend all day here, especially since the waiters never come over to bother you. In fact, you go to the bar to order and pay for your food. They give you a number to take back to your seat so your waiter can bring your food, but you'll never see him again until he comes to take your food away in perfect time. They know to leave you to your own devises. I suppose they do not wish to break the artists' concentration and are used to leaving you to delve into your imagination in peace.

So if you happen to be catching a matinee at Lincoln Center or any of its surrounding theaters and are hungry for some inspirational food, be sure to visit American Table and have your body fed as satisfactorily as your soul will be in this magical and creative realm of the city.

 Enjoy my artsy yummies!



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