Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Well, it's that time of year: the time when you are done eating to maximum capacity and want to rid your body of the toxins built up from last year. Going to the gym is always a good idea, and but sometimes cycling, running and eating salads just isn't enough to make you feel truly healthy. Before you can start eating healthier, you need to rid your body of leftover toxins in order to see and feel the results of a healthier lifestyle. There are many detox fads out there, but we feel the raw and organic ones are a healthy way to go.

New York Magazine named the Blue Print Cleanse this year's "Best Juice Cleanse" and Food & Wine named it the "Cleanse for Foodies." Blue Print Cleanse is based in New York City and has several different juice cleanse combinations to fit your detox taste preferences and level of detoxing experience.
Since this was my first time, I chose the beginner Revolution Cleanse. 6 drinks, 1 day. I ordered my Revolution Cleanse from Fresh Direct in New York City. If you don't live in New York, you can order it online from Blue Print Cleanse.
The Revolution Cleanse comes in one, 6-pack of raw, organic juices. Inside the carrier handle are instructions on how to optimize your cleanse for the day before, the day of, and the days after. Below is a small description of the juices, with number 6 to be completed at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

Juice 1: Green Juice - romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, and lemon
Juice 2: P.A.M - pineapple, apple, and mint
Juice 3: Green Juice - romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, and lemon
Juice 4: Spicy Lemonade - lemonade, lemon, agave nectar, and cayenne
Juice 5: C.A.B - apple, carrot, beet, lemon, and ginger
Juice 6: Cashew Milk - cashew, agave nectar, vanilla, cinnamon

Once I finished my cleanse, I slept like a baby and I awoke feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I hope you will give the Blue Print Cleanse a try and continue your week, month and year with healthy food choices, as well as a New Year workout routine.

Good Luck and Happy Cleansing Yummies! xoxo

*Note - Neither CakePop nor Yumology were compensated for this review of Blue Print Cleanse. CakePop's comments are entirely based on her own experience and opinions. Please be sure to consult a physician before beginning any type of cleanse if you fear you may suffer any medical complications.

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