Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Before ToddlerBaby came along CoffeeMaker and I used to go to lunch on New Year's Eve and try to predict what the coming year would hold: Who would get married? Who would have kids? Where would we travel?

As the years have marched on we've noticed that this game has become more and more...predictable. We're at an age now where most of our friends are married. Most of our friends have babies and are now working on their second or third! We don't travel as much, and if we do it's usually to the same three locations to visit family. Life has become routine, comfortable, but, we're happier than we've ever been.

While those days of exciting New Year's Eve parties in New York and drunken antics on the beach in San Diego are over, we know who we are now. We've made mistakes and learned from them. We've grown into people who have a wealth of life experiences to look back on fondly as we focus on making new experiences for our son.

I don't mean for this to sound dreary. Rather, I hope it's a refreshing tone of acceptance. As 2014 and our mid-30s approach I have a pretty good idea of what life will look like for the next 12 months. But, since old habits are hard to break, I'm going to make a few predictions anyway and we'll see where we land on December 31, 2014.

PREDICTION 1: We will buy a house
We've been flirting with this life-altering event for YEARS now and I think it's time we finally put a ring on it. Home ownership is something we have always looked forward to and I truly believe this year will be the year we pour the foundation!

PREDICTION 2: First vacation without ToddlerBaby
I have a hard time with this one. I have NEVER spent a single night away from ToddlerBaby since he was born. He's of an age now though where some quality time with Ba-Nana and BB (his grandparents) is a more realistic option. I may be checking my phone every 5 minutes and it may be the shortest vacation EVER ( do all-inclusives even offer one night packages?), but this will probably happen…most likely…probably…we'll see...

PREDICTION 3: Family Trip to Australia
NEWSFLASH: CakePop is moving to Australia! She was accepted into a Tourism PhD program at Newcastle University. Dr. CakePop has a nice ring to it, no?  Anyhoo, she's packing up her New York City apartment and heading Down Under at the end of February. We are so proud of her, and the whole family is using this as the ultimate excuse to travel somewhere we have always wanted to go.

Everyone has been asking. No, not yet, but perhaps this year will be the year ToddlerBaby becomes a big brother. We shall see… Seriously, NO - not yet!

PREDICTION 5: Yumology growth
I have so many goals for this little site. Oodles actually. But I predict the following things will happen for Yumology this year.

  • I will take a photography class and my images will get better - I PROMISE! 
  • As soon as that darn house gets purchased I'll start cooking classes. (Really more of a "Come on over and drink wine while I cook for you class" but hey, dinner is dinner and drinks are drinks.) 
  • I will attend my first food blogger convention this year. I'm working on sponsorships as we speak, and I'm so stoked at the thought of networking with other foodie bloggers in the flesh! 
  • More videos? Not sure about this. I feel like I am annoying on camera, but food has always been big on TV so you may have to put up with a few test runs.
  • Cookbook published. I have been working on a couple of themed cookbooks and I'm gonna hit the publishers hard this year. Hopefully I'll wear one of them down and you'll all have Yumology printed and bound under your tree at Christmas.
So thereyago. A quick, predictable list of wants, needs, goals, etc. They may all happen. They may never happen. No matter what I'm looking forward to another amazing year with friends, family, and you.

Happy New Year Yummies! xoxo

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  1. Love all of your predictions for 2014! They all sound wonderful! Wishing you and your sweet fam the very best in the New Year! xoxo

    1. Aww thank you ladies. We'll see what we can get done! LOL! Hope has an excellent year ahead as well. :) xoxo