Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We've all done it. We're all guilty. We think we checked our lists twice and sent gifts to everyone who was nice, but someone always falls through the holiday cracks. Darn it!

It's too late to go shopping, and wrapping gifts at this point seems a little silly. We've got the PERFECT solution. Send that special, albeit neglected, someone a box of the most delicious Royal Riviera Pears from Harry & David.

I'm not kidding Yummies, these are the juiciest, freshest, sweetest pears you will ever find. Your oversights are sure to be forgotten when such a lovely and thoughtful gift lands on your special someone's doorstep. They never need to know you got it on SALE for just $19.95 through Yumology by clicking the picture below.

Shhh, your secret is safe with us. Click away Yummies. Click away.



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