Friday, January 24, 2014

This week was a BIG one for us. We had so many wonderful things happen for our little site that I can't wait to tell you about in our Friday Favorites.

We got to host a Google+ Hangout with and Green Giant. YES! It was so exciting to interview Chef Maggie Lyon, LIVE, while she came up with delicious recipes in Green Giant's very own test kitchen. Check out the video link here.

There is a pretty awesome website out there called Pretty Bitches Can Cook Too. It's fun, flirty and full of delicious recipes from Pretty Bitches across the country. Chief Pretty Bitch, Tamara, says being a Pretty Bitch is about independence, strength and confidence more than anything else. She asked us to be in her upcoming cookbook, which we couldn't be more flattered or excited about. If you haven't checked out her website or Facebook page you should do so now!

Cut Out + Keep is an international website dedicated to step by step crafts and tutorials. If you're a crafty person or you need a craft project for your kids I highly recommend you check out Cat's site. Hours upon hours of fun "how to's" await you. Cat reached out to Yumology last week and told us she wanted to profile Yumology in her weekly cooking feature. Look for Yumology on Cut Out + Keep Monday when our profile goes LIVE.

Photos, photos and more photos. Life is about making memories, and the best way to do that is through beautiful photography. My dear friend Serena, is the owner of Bleu Hollow Photography. If you take time to comb through the pictures on her Facebook page you're bound to trip over one or two of CoffeeMaker, ToddlerBaby and I. We try to have Serena make memories for us every six months or so, and I can't wait for her to shoot my publicity pics for Yumology soon. Stay tuned Yummies! Lots of glitter, sprinkles and icing headed your way.

I need a vacay in a major way. We're hoping to get away with friends this summer. It will be the first time I leave ToddlerBaby overnight, or over many nights. I'm kind of struggling with it. Kind of struggling in an "ohmygodicantbreatheatthethoughtofit" kind of way. Anyhoo, we used the website All Inclusive Outlet once before when booking a trip to Cabo San Lucas and it. was. fabulous. We stayed at the Riu Palace and relaxation never felt so good. This year we're thinking Playa del Carmen or Puerto Vallarta, but if money were no object I'd be at this Sugar Beach resort in St. Lucia to-day! Maybe as a second honeymoon for the big 10 in a couple years…hint-hint CoffeeMaker.

Nashville! Is anyone else watching Nashville?! I can't get enough. I wish they'd air it 8 nights a week and then have marathons every Sunday. The music is incredible. The songs between Gunner and Scarlett are usually my favorite, but there have been some solid gems already this season. I think I was supposed to be a country music star in another life. Oh well, for now I'll keep singing these ditties in the shower.

I'm in love with Whitney Stern's latest jewelry line. So dainty and elegant and sparkly and everything girlie jewelry should be. There's a RueLaLa sale going on now! Check it out!

If you have kids you HAVE to check out the Honest Toddler Twitter page. OMG. Everything your toddler ever thought is now being conveyed in 140 characters or less.

Thanks to Bakeaholic Mama I'm craving BBQ Chicken Mac n' Cheese. Yep. That's happening this weak-end. Spelled correctly. Stay tuned.

CoffeeMaker's Shockers are 20-0. Right now, we've got the best record in the country yet for some reason we're still not ranked number one. Why is it that no matter how good you are, no matter how many times you win, you still have to fight that much harder.  C'mon and catch the fever y'all. Root for the small-town heroes. GO SHOCKS!

What are some of your Friday Favorites? Share your links in the comments section below.

Have a delicious weekend Yummies!


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  1. I am going to check out Pretty Bitches ;)