Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Friday Yummies!

I know, I keep changing the game on how I share some of my favorite bloggers and links with you, but I truly think these Friday Favorites posts will be the way we go from here on out. 

This way I can share 10 links with you every week of things I find delicious. So let's get started…

1) Have y'all heard of the blog How Sweet It Is? I have the biggest bloggy girl crush on Jessica. Her photography is beautiful, her recipes are to-die, and her writing makes me want us to be best friends forever-eva. She recently put up an Inspiration board on Pinterest, of which I have Bogarted numerous pins from and I recommend you do the same.

2) I met How to Be a Country Cleaver through last year's Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. Her name is Megan (all the great ones…) and she's managed to post about 10,000 doughnut recipes this week which you should absolutely go explore on her Facebook page because…well…doughnuts!

3) FoodieChats just posted a fun little ditty…
Color of Your Pants + The Last Thing You Ate = Your Band Name
We were the Black Cupcakes. SOLD! Loves it!

4) Did anyone else see Robin Roberts on LIVE with Kelly and Michael this morning? Homegirl was rockin' a dress that I HAVE to HAVE. Here's an Instagram pic from the show's account. Apprently it's a Stella McCartney and waaaay out of my price range. But perhaps this won't leave me on the bread line.

5) We lo-huv coconut oil. We use it all the time for beauty remedies. Those lovely lovelies over at Simply Happenstance have two new coconut oil beauty remedies, a hair mask and body scrub, that I hope to try this weekend. If I can get 10 minutes alone in the bathroom without a toddler clinging to my leg.  Speaking of toddlers…

6) We're in the early phases of potty training and we could use all the help we can get. Babycenter was a huge resource for me during my pregnancy and I love the tips they have available during this patience endurance test as well.

7) Awards Season! Awards Season! Awards Season! It's the only time of year I plan to sit on my couch and be uber-judgy of everyone's wardrobe whilst looking like a total slob myself. What did you guys think of the Oscar nominees? Is it sad that I've seen every animated film and NONE of the ones up for Best Picture? Thought so. Note to self: must get life.

8) New York City has a gym where people go to work out and they get wine afterwards. Why does this not exist everywhere?

9) Sports fans, CoffeeMaker's Shockers are 5th in the Men's College Basketball Polls. Friggin 5th! Still undefeated going into tomorrow's game against Indiana State. Can't wait to wear one of these awesome Keep Calm and Gregg Marshall On shirts mañana. GO SHOCKS!

10) I cannot get this song out of my head. Thank you Frozen!

What are some of your Friday Favorites? Share your links in the comments section below.

Have a delicious weekend Yummies! xoxo



  1. So glad we connected on FB through Bloggy Mom's. I look forward to reading more of your posts...and I have to say that one of my guilty pleasures is Kelly and Michael and The Chew, and I totally agree that Robin Robert's dress was awesome! Easy to dress up or down :)

    1. Wasn't she beautiful! Ugh. I want that dress SO bad. It was great to meet you too! :)

  2. Oh Megan! You are truly the sweetest! Thanks so much for all of your support... the ad, linking up to our lovelies, and now this! You amaze us with your sweet generous spirit! xo, sara

    1. You gals are the bomb-diggity! It's easy to fall in love with so many of your posts. :) Always my pleasure to share your beautiful blog.

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