Sunday, January 12, 2014

When you live in New York City you are surrounded by delicious, authentic foods from any and all cultures.

On cold winter days like these, most New Yorkers are looking for any excuse to grab something hot, fast, and delicious without having to venture too far from home. This usually results in late night delivery orders, but if you're looking to see a little of the city while trying to stay warm, this tucked away treasure will be just the ticket.

Anyone visiting New York City looking for the best of Asian foods should take advantage of the diversified neighborhood of Chinatown. Here you will find authentic and delicious Asian cuisine, but if venturing that far downtown is too daunting for those living uptown, then Hell's Kitchen will be a good area to satisfy your adventurous hunger needs.

My friend from Singapore informed me about Totto Ramen two years ago. We tasted many other ramen joints in the city, but I found this one to be the most affordable, delicious and fast.

My foodie friend made the suggestion of starting my meal with some pork buns and roasted pork belly before ordering the spicy ramen. These are the tasty staples of Totto Ramen that can not be missed.

The Totto Spicy Ramen is the most famous of the ramen dishes here.  If you are not a spicy food fan then ask the waiter to make it mild or order another delicious, less spicy ramen option.

The New York Times, TimOut NewYork, New York Magazine and the Wall Street Journal have written rave reviews about this Hell's Kitchen establishment, agreeing that is one of the top ramen restaurants in the city.  The authentic and rustic atmosphere of pipe and brick exposed walls in a warm, cozy space makes you feel as if you are one step closer to the kitchens of downtown Tokyo.

Totto Ramen is a small, below-street-level restaurant whose large, metal vats filled with ramen noodles and chicken broth, stirred by Japanese masters in headscarves add to the authenticity. If you are lucky enough to catch a counter seat, you can see the chefs prepare the food right in front of you, while enjoying many a joke and story as they cook pork belly with blow torches on char slabs and prepare the ramen and broth to perfection.

As you arrive and leave, the kitchen staff greet you and thank you in Japanese, a custom that is common in Japan and makes you feel right at home. This friendly hospitality, warm atmosphere and  delicious food will constantly keep you coming back for more.

Be sure to get to the restaurant early since there is usually a line outside, or go for lunch when it is less busy and always remember to bring cash!

For Totto Ramen locations throughout New York City click here.

Hope to catch you all in New York City's Hells' Kitchen soon Yummies! xoxo



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