Friday, December 27, 2013

There we were. Tuesday night and nothing to eat. Going out for dinner was not an option since we were too tired. There was only one thing left to do. Pasta.

I had a small amount of rigatoni, a small amount of shells, some ground turkey and a jar of tomato basil sauce. (I usually steer clear of jarred tomato sauce but since we were on our last legs I wasn't going to fight the convenience.)

Being the foodie/meddler that I am, I couldn't just settle for the simplicity of the dish as it was.

I dug through the fridge and found it - the one ingredient that would take this dull Tuesday night dish to the next level.  Boursin soft cheese spread!

I honestly don't know why this hadn't been thought of before! When I added the garlic and herb spread to the tomato and turkey mixture it gave the dish a rush of flavor in one simple scoop.

Enjoy Yummies. Just a dull ol' Tuesday night dish, dressed up a teensie-weensie bit.

Our full Turkey and Tomato Cream Bolognese recipe can be found on our SheKnows Experts page.

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