Sunday, December 1, 2013

Welcome to December Yummies, one of my favorite months for food, family, festivities and all around fun! The holiday season is upon us, and while some of you are probably already celebrating Hanukkah many of us are preparing for Christmas. 

CakePop and I decided to ring in the holiday season by going to see White Christmas at the Crown Uptown Dinner Theater last night. It was truly magical. I had never been to dinner theater before, and while New York boasts the Big White Way, we here in Wichita are spreading the news about our own little theater of dreams. 

CakePop in front of the marquee

Upon entering the venue we immediately felt the warmth and coziness of Christmas wash over us. Even though the room was vast and full of people our tiny table for two just off the stage felt very cozy.  Christmas trees lined the lobby, poinsettias sat upon table tops and we prepared for a fun evening of carol singers and childhood memories. 

What better way to begin the evening than with the show's specialty cocktails, a Bob Wallace (hard cider and whiskey) and a Betty Haynes (a flavorful mixture of whiskey, chocolate vodka, vanilla schnapps and more). We were armed and ready to sing along, better eat something to make sure we don't start dancing as well.

The show's specialty cocktails!

The meal included three courses: a simple wedge salad, tomato bisque and our choice of ham, chicken or fish with a winter vegetable medley and mashed potatoes. CakePop had the ham, I had the spinach stuffed chicken breast. Both were scrumptious!

As the plates were cleared the show began. The opening notes of White Christmas lifted into the air and we were on our way to Pinetree, Vermont.

An hour and a half later came intermission, time for dessert! I thought it brilliant that the Crown allowed you to digest your meal and enjoy your cocktails during the first half then reloaded you with dessert in the second. A fabulous way to enjoy the interlude.

Dessert meant an Apple Butter Betty and a Lavender Pistachio tart for CakePop and I. But we didn't stop there, and neither did the Crown. At the front of the theater was an eggnog bar where patrons could select their own liquor, toppings and seasonings. So fun!

It was dark sorry these pics aren't great, but hopefully you get the idea!

We carried our creamy holiday libations back to our table and snuggled in for the second half of the show. 

Our family loves the theater at Christmas. When we lived in New York we saw the Rockettes Chrismtas Spectacular, the Nutcracker and so many more. Now that we're country bumpkins we don't visit shows nearly as often but that's going to change. The Crown's production of White Christmas was the perfect way to ring in the holidays, as was our White Christmas we enjoyed earlier that day. 

May all your Christmases be White! Enjoy Yummies. xoxo

White Christmas Sangria

1 bottle of white wine (we used Sauvignon Blanc)
1 bottle of Almond Water (if you can't find any use 1 cup of simple syrup, equal parts sugar and water)
1 cup of cranberry juice
1/2 cup of fresh cranberries
3 sprigs of rosemary

  1. Add the cranberries and rosemary to the bottom of a large pitcher.
  2. Add all of the beverages and stir everythinging together.
  3. Allow to sit in the fridge for an hour or so.
  4. We sometimes serve with a sugar-rimmed glass but have realized we prefer it without the extra sweetness. Feel free to try this as an option.

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  1. Loving all your recent cocktails! Makes me want to run to the liquor store. :)

    1. Thank you! This one has been a HUGE hit. We've made it for 4 different parties already. LOL! Big fan of your site too. Lots of yummy recipes we can't wait to try!