Thursday, October 24, 2013

Everyone thinks salads are for summer. Cold, crisp, refreshing bites designed to cool you off on those days when 90 degree heat abolishes the thoght of eating anything cooked. Well, we at Yumology feel differently. We say "to heck with summer salads!" Bring on the warm, salty, melt-in-your-mouth flavor that warm fall and winter salads embody.

Cooked salads are a great start or accompaniment to many hearty cold weather meals. Below is a simple warm salad of corn, crispy bacon, melted blue cheese crumbles and fresh green onions. We realize it is difficult to find fresh corn this time of year, but frozen or canned corn will work just as well. Enjoy Yummies!
Our warm salad of bacon, corn, blue cheese and green onion recipe can be found on Yummly. We are excited to work with one of the most popular food sites out there today.

Yummly is an online community of chefs, writer, food lovers and you! Create you own delicious profile and begin saving recipes to your recipe box. Download the Yummly app to your smart phone and you'll have shopping lists, health info, cooking instructions and so much more at your fingertips.

A big THANK YOU to Yummly for featuring Yumology on their blog again today! Previous Yummly features can be found on our Press page.


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  1. Blue cheese tastes good in so many recipes. It is also perfectly fine to enjoy blue cheese without anything else. I think for real cheese lovers, having blue cheese in panini or in salad dressing is just a step into a wider world of deliciousness.

    1. Hi Halle. Thanks for reading Yumology. We completely agree. Blue cheese is delicious on its own as well as included in numerous recipes. I hope you enjoy this one!