Friday, October 18, 2013

I heart rainy days. I believe they allow for a time of introspection. Introspection - an examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes. I joke that if I lived in Seattle I feel like I'd know myself really well. As it is I am getting to know me more and more on a daily basis.

Rain also provides new beginnings. A cleanse if you will. Rain encourages life and growth. It washes away the old and leaves a clean palate on which to paint the next chapter of your life. Yes. I love the rain.

Fall rain is especially cozy. Fall rain signals the end of summer. The arrival of winter. Yet another transition in life we must prepare for. It allows us to rummage through our closets for coats, sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves. Pull in the potted plants and put out the pumpkins. It also means afternoons of hot tea, warm cocoa and that third or fourth cup of coffee.

As I sit here in my flannel shirt, wooly boots and leggings, watching the fall rain wash away the past. As I anticipate the future. I wanted to share a few lovely cuppas that make introspection on a rainy fall day truly lovely, delicious and enjoyable.

Cheers Yummies.

Oregon Chai

The rich, bold flavors of Oregon Chai tea can be found in your local grocers beverage or organic foods section. All the flavor of a barista-made beverage in the comfort of your own kitchen for pennies on the dollar.

Archer Farms Fall Flavored Coffees

These are my CoffeeMaker's favorite! Found only in Target, Archer Farms coffees have an array of fall flavors to keep your tummy warm and satisfied. As the seasons change so too do Archer Farms beans. Be sure to spend some quality time in the coffee aisle examining the possibilities on your next trip to Target.

Have a warm, cozy and delicious day, Yummies! xoxo



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