Monday, October 14, 2013

Forgive the awful low-light photography. CoffeeMaker wasn't sympathetic to the need for natural light and waiting until morning to make his root beer float. Hence crappy kitchen lighting. Marriage problems meet blogging problems. Apologies.

So here's how the conversation went last night.

CoffeeMaker:  What's for dessert?

Me:   Nothing. I didn't make dessert.

CoffeeMaker:  <Pause for shock and disappointment.> Why don't you make me a root beet float?

Me:  <Pause in feminist protest> Why don't you make me a root beer float?!

CoffeeMaker:   Good idea. You never make it as well as I do. Perhaps I should be the food blogger in this house.

Alright CoffeeMaker, time to put your money where your mouth is.

Coffee Maker's Root Beer Float

1 pint of cookies and cream ice cream
*NOTE: I bought frozen yogurt once and you'd swear the world had come to an end. Apparently substituting low-cal, low-fat, sugar-free frozen yogurt is a major no-no in CoffeeMaker's root beer float recipe.

2 cups of root beer
*NOTE: Not diet root beer. Not sugar-free root beer. Not light root beer. Root beer. Made that mistake once too. Just once.

  • Add two to three large scoops of the cookies and cream ice cream to a large mug
  • Slowly pour to root beer over the cookies and cream ice cream until the froth has formed a thin layer at the top

*NOTE: The froth layer should be precisely 17cm high. No more. No less. Too much froth is a disaster. Too little froth is a travesty.

There you have it Yummies. CoffeeMaker's ultimate root beer float.

Have a delicious day!



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