Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yesterday was our six-year wedding anniversary. It's funny how things change…

Our first wedding anniversary CoffeeMaker and I spent a romantic weekend at a luxurious spa in Santa Fe, NM. Massages, hot tubs, wine, candlelit dinners, more wine and…well…you get the idea. 

Our second anniversary we spent way too much money on a trendy new sushi restaurant and wine, more wine and cozy night at the movies. 

Our third anniversary we partied it up at a family wedding. Danced until dawn. Wine, new shoes, wine and a killer hangover. 

On our fourth anniversary I was pregnant with ToddlerBaby and we had a nice romantic dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in town before opening the envelope that revealed we were having a baby boy.

Our fifth anniversary we were parents for the first time. We had a delicious eight-month old BabyBaby who was still in that snuggly, immobile, gurgle-filled phase. CoffeeMaker made us dinner and we spent the evening on the couch as a family.

That brings us to yesterday. The six. We are now parents to an opinionated, very mobile toddler who makes going out to eat a bit of a challenge. I have to pack ahead of time: snacks, sippy cups, toys and books are all weapons I need to arm myself with. My reflexes have to be on point to intercept the throwing of knives, forks, glassware and even food. I have to swallow my food whole instead of savoring each and every bite. I also have to be willing to sacrifice my food if and when ToddlerBaby decides he'd rather eat what I'm eating while sitting in my lap. It's exhausting and I usually leave a restaurant either hungry or with indigestion.

Due to the current challenges of parenthood, CoffeeMaker and I decided to spend our six year anniversary having lunch rather than dinner. ToddlerBaby was in school and we finally had time to remember what it was like to taste our food and enjoy a bottle of wine together.

We decided to celebrate at the newest restaurant in town, Firebirds. The setting is lovely: Fireplace in the bar area, comfy chairs on a secluded outdoor patio and service that sets them apart. I'm a sucker for good service. I will spend more, drive farther and stay longer if the service is amazing. Seriously. You'll have to kick me out.

When we sat down at our outdoor table our server, Andre, greeted us with a smile. He made exquisite recommendations, wished us a "Happy Anniversary" and made our experience pleasant from the jump. 

We ordered a bottle of wine at 50% off, had the decadent lobster queso as an appetizer, the crab cake salad and Durango burger as our main courses, and the carrot cake and creme brûlée cheesecake for dessert. All were lovely and we enjoyed every bite in blissful, unhurried peace and quiet.  

Andre kept our wine glasses full, our plates clean and topped off an amazing anniversary lunch with a very thoughtful card signed by the entire staff. Way more than we ever expected. 

We left Firebirds feeling lots of love. Love for the staff and the food and the wine of course, but more importantly a newfound love for each other. We didn't buy each other expensive presents this year. We didn't dance until dawn or watch the sunset on an island beach. We reconnected. We took two hours to be us. Not mom. Not dad. Just us. People we hadn't been for the last two years and people who will undoubtedly make us better parents.

Happy Anniversary CoffeeMaker.  I love you.



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