Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's hard to believe that a country with so many drive thrus, pizza delivery boys and Starbucks still struggles with hunger. But we do. One in six Americans have a difficult time feeding their families. Nutrition is of paramount concern, especially when it comes to children. Well-rounded, nutritious meals are vital to physical, developmental and emotional growth in the first three years of life and hundreds of American children are not receiving the balanced diet necessary to their health.

Feeding America, a network of nationwide food banks, is leading the charge in educating the American public about hunger within our own borders. September is Hunger Action Month, and today, September 5, is the kickoff to the month long effort to inspire community support and contributions to the campaign.

Support can be shown in numerous ways: financial contributions, food donations and social media promotions are all available to those interested in getting involved. To learn more about Feeding America and Hunger Action Month visit the organization's website.

Do something delicious for your community Yummies. Take action today!

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