Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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If you haven't caught on yet, chia seeds are the new "IT" product for health-conscious foodies. Last year it was kale, the year before it was quinoa, today chia wears the crown as the must have pantry item we can't live without.

Found in many health food and natural foods stores chia seeds come in a variety of ways. There are raw chia seeds that can be added as a protein packed topper to yogurts or smoothies. There are chia cookies, bars and crackers ready to eat whenever you feel peckish. Finally there are chia seed drinks that allow you to pack away the nutrients of an entire meal in one thick and creamy bottle.

Why the sudden chia trend? Perhaps the most appealing side-effect of eating chia seeds comes in their ability to fill you up and suppress your hunger, although there is no official chia seed diet the likes of green tea or mangosteen berries. 

Chia seeds have the natural ability to expand into a gelatinous state when digested in small amounts. This obviously causes your stomach to expand which ceases any feelings of hunger while offering a bounty of necessary nutrients. Experts say that eating chia seeds before and or after a meal can help people find satisfaction in smaller portions.

Wow, that all sounds great, but what the heck is a chia seed anyway? Ever have a chia pet as a kid? Well, believe it or not, those same seeds you used to water and watch grow on your chia pet are now the seeds you sprinkle in your oatmeal. Although we don't recommend actually using the seeds from the chia pet packaging. Let's stick to the FDA approved ones just to be safe.

Chia seeds are being heralded as the best source of omega threes available on the market today. Omega threes are those handy little amino acids that assist with blood circulation. The better the blood circulates within your body, the better you feel. They combat arthritis, depression, heart disease and much more. 

Needless to say there are a bevy of benefits that chia seeds provide from a health and wellness perspective, but we do warn against eating them in bulk. The high fiber content can cause stomach upsets so trust us when we recommend no more than one ounce of chia seeds per day.

Adventure is a good thing Yummies, especially in the kitchen. We live in a fabulous day and age where new and exciting products are constantly being discovered for their health benefits. Join us in our exploration of the chia seed and tell us some of your favorite chia recipes. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Have a delicious day!

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