Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In a recent advertising campaign, Hyatt hotels have assured travelers that their rumbling stomachs have been heard, and room service is answering the call. Apparently recent guests have complained about the lacking range of options on the room service menu. Late evening arrivals are not always satisfied with an over-priced, heavy meal, and would prefer a light bites menu as an alternative. That's where Hyatt's A Small Hunger Pang. A Giant Leap for Hospitality. campaign comes in.

Hyatt hotels have re-evaluated their food offerings and come up with the following solution:

We've found that you're craving more menu options and smaller portions. So we created new menus filled with customizable, thoughtfully sourced meals designed to give you the choices you are missing. Even going so far as to offer create-your-own dishes and a range of portion sizes. Available in our restaurants and in room. Even if you arrive late at night, we've got menu options that will leave you feeling full, not just full of regret. (experience.hyatt.com)

We ask you, fellow Yumologists, what is it you look for in room service offerings? What do you think of the Hyatt's revised menu? Would the opportunity to build your own room service dish entice you to stay at a Hyatt hotel? Does the Hyatt's commitment to "thoughtfully sourced meals" change your opinion of the room service menu?  Share your thoughts and rumbling tummies with us!

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