Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's January 2 which means by now many of you have determined how you'll attempt to change your eating habits in 2013. Perhaps you're cutting carbs, maligning meat or vowing veganism. Whatever your gastronomic quest, we salute you...especially if you've already made it through the first 24 hours successfully.

An increasingly popular form of dieting is detoxing, a means of cleansing your body of the junk you've gorged on during the holidays.

Detoxing can come in many shapes and sizes. Liquid detoxes, full of raw citrus juices and exotic spices. Raw food detoxes wherein one consumes raw, green vegetables for a solid 7 -10 days and only drinks water.

What is your New Year diet plan? Do you even have one? Do you want one? Tell us, we're eager to hear the results!

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