Thursday, January 3, 2013

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Lately our Yumologists have been asking themselves what they can do to challenge themselves in the kitchen while promoting a healthy lifestyle and tasty menu. The answer? Attempt a raw food diet!

Raw food diets are one of the latest and greatest nutrition and well ness trends. The guiding principals of which revolve around the idea that fruits, vegetables and even certain meats and fish, lose their inherent nutritional properties when cooked above 118 degrees F.  As you can imagine, a raw food diet is similar to a vegan or vegetarian diet, since many under cooked animal products can breed to dangerous and sometimes deadly bacteria.

While some controversy over the raw food diet does exist, many health professionals and organizations advocate the use of vitamin and calcium supplements as an accompaniment to the diet, to ensure practitioners receive all of the vitamins and minerals they may otherwise miss out on.

Our Yumologists are very excited to learn more about the raw food diet and our bodies as we attempt this New Year challenge. We have researched a ton of fellow food bloggers and found a handful of useful sites with raw food recipes we can't wait to try.

Here's to a happy, healthy and yummy new year!

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