Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's hard to write about food when you're battling the stomach flu…actually…it's IMPOSSIBLE to write about food when you've got the stomach flu. It's impossible to hear about, read about, look at, smell or even think food when you've spent three days lying on the bathroom floor praying for the energy to make it back to the bed.

It's a nasty NASTY bug, and this year it's worse than ever. We thought our yummy household was able to keep it at bay, but this weekend we were invaded. I'm talking Trojan Horse invaded, we never saw this bastard coming! Everything was fine and then BOOM - upchuck city.

For those of you interested in the science of it, here's a quick Tummy Flu 101 to satisfy your curiosity:

The stomach flu is actually known within the medical community as Gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract; the stomach and small intestine. It is primarily found in developed countries and often diagnosed as rotavirus in infants and small children.

It takes 12-72 hours for this bad boy to show up once you've been contaminated. Contamination can occur from airborne pathogens to under cooked foods to swapping spit, so BEWARE!

There are a number of over-the-counter meds that many people try in an attempt to keep the nausea away, but the most important thing is HYDRATION, HYDRATION, HYDRATION!!! Drink like you've never drunk before. Even if you know it's coming back at 'cha, chug-a-lug baby. You'll hate it as it's going down and you'll hate it even more as it's coming up, but the cleansing of your system is crucial to a quick recovery.

Electrolytes are important to help keep your energy levels up so aim for sports drinks and even Smart Water which is fortified with electrolytes. We found a combination of Smart Water, Sprite and ice was what was going to get us through.

When you can eat again aim for something bland that will pad your stomach. No fruits, veggies, meats or dairy. Try crackers, white rice and bland pasta for a bit, until you feel you're ready to return to the world of flavor.

Here's hoping you and your yummies will never have to experience the tummy flu, but if you do, we hope knowing you've got a compadre in Yumology helps.



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