Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yesterday we gave you a go-to recipe for holiday Egg Nog icing. Today we've discovered a great way to dress up any Christmas cupcake!

Those clever Yumologists at Pinterest have once again discovered a simple yet mind-blowing way to add flair to any holiday treat.

  • Take a simple ice cream cone (the pointy ended ones, not the flat bottom ones).
  • Flip them upside down and rest them on top of your holiday cupcake.
  • Mix green food coloring into a white icing of your choice. (This could even be your Egg Nog icing from yesterday!)
  • Add the green icing to a piping bag and use a star tip to apply the icing in small dobbs around the cone.
  • Work your way to the tip from the bottom in a circular pattern to ensure excellent coverage.
  • Add some silver candied sprinkles the trees to mimic small ornaments.

Voila! You have just taken your tired old Christmas cupcake and turned it into an eye-catching, dessert table centerpiece.

For a real treat, add some candies to the inside of the cone as a surprise!



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