Tuesday, December 4, 2012

There are exactly 20 shopping days left until Christmas. Why not save yourself the headache of crowded shopping centers, and use a GiftBracket instead. Think about it, you can get your family, friends and co-workers together in one convenient, online location to vote on the perfect gift.

For those special Yumologists in your life, GiftBracket has compiled a list of fabulous foodie gifts to get you in the spirit for some seasoning. Take a look!

Guest Post: GiftBracket.com

Go Go (Kitchen) Gadget!
Thanks to our buddies at Yumology we have food on the brain. Fortunately, foodies are some of the easiest people to shop for on your holiday list. No matter what you get them, as long as it involves food, they typically love it! Here are some of our favorite foodie gifts of the season.
1. Mocubo Modular Cutting BoardDesigned especially for the cook who has tons of veggies to chop, this cutting board is unlike any you've seen before! The Mocubo contains three drawers that slide into an area below the cutting board, allowing the chef to keep their work area clean and keep their ingredients separated. Rubber pads on the bottom of the cutting board keep it from sliding all over the countertop when an Iron Chef moment strikes. Made of durable bamboo, this sustainable product is inexpensive at only 39.99 and is good for the environment too! Check it out at the following link: quirky.com

2. Microplane Herb Mill
We don't know about our friends over at Yumology... but here at GiftBracket, we aren't very good at chopping herbs, even though we love the flavor that they add! If you have friends or family like us, take a look at the Microplane Herb Mill. This nifty little device minces herbs without bruising or tearing them (like we do). No batteries required- churn out herbs to your heart's desire by twisting the ergonomic handle. For only $19.99, this is a steal! Visit Williams Sonoma for product details or to order. 

3. Kitchen Scale with iPod Docking StationTrying to make your foodie friend part with her 1990s boom box? Maybe you should check out the Digital Kitchen Scale with iPod Docking Station. This 11-pound model by Frieling measures pounds, grams, and fluid ounces and has a weighing surface made of safety glass. Scale comes with a protective cover for the iPod docking station. A speaker located in the base of the scale provides rich sound to facilitate the cooking process! This product sells for $99.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

4. Color Changing Tea Bag BuddyThis neat little multi-tasker not only holds the tag on a tea bag to keep it from sinking to the depths of your tea cup... it also changes color when your tea is finished steeping! When the color changes, simply lift the Tea Bag Buddy, squeeze the excess tea out of your tea bag, and flip the Tea Bag Buddy over to hold the used tea bag. Bonus: The Tea Bag Buddy will keep tea warmer longer! For $4.99, this is a great stocking stuffer for the tea lover in your life. Buy it in two colors at The Container Store.

5. Stackable Lunch Pot
Starting January 2, when everybody steps onto the scale and utters a collective scream of despair at the number that they see staring back at them, they will wish they had a friend as good as you to get them this stackable lunch pot. With a large container holding 18.6 ounces and a small container holding 10 ounces, they can pack soup, salad, pasta, or anything else that sounds good! Packing a lunch instead of heading over to McDonalds never seemed so easy before. Buy this product from Uncommon Goods for only $22.00! 

6. Kid's Large Baking Set
Move over, Easy Bake Oven! The Martha Steward Kid's Large Baking Set is taking over this kitchen. This kit includes everything the young baker in your life needs to make delicious sweets for the whole family, include a whisk, spatula, offset spatula, scissors, rolling pin, measuring cups, measuring spoons and more! Recipes and baking tips are also included. This baking set, sold exclusively by Macy's, is on sale for $29.99 during the holiday season. Read more about on at the Macy's website.

7. Black & Decker Ergo Food Chopper
For a small-capacity food processor, this Ergo Food Chopper by Black & Decker takes the cake! This model can hold a maximum of three cups, making it perfect for small batch cooking. On/Off and Pulse buttons are located on the top of the unit, making it easy to control the level of chop. The Ergo Food Chopper comes with a secondary lid, allowing the cook to prepare and serve in the same container (don't worry... the blades are removed first!). All pieces are dishwasher safe- except for the motor, which you should never think about putting in the dishwasher anyway. Buy it on Amazon for $22.00. 

8. Slate Cheese Tray
Which cheese is this? Gouda? I'd swear it was Gruyere! Let's face it... remembering which cheese is which can be hard sometimes. This is exactly why your friends need this Slate Cheese Tray. Slate is the most common material for chalk boards, which means that you can write the name of the cheeses directly on the cheese tray. No more guessing which cheese is which! The bottom of the tray is covered with felt, so there is no risk of scratching a delicate surface. This gift is not dishwasher safe, but cleans up quickly with soap and water. This Slate Cheese Tray sells for $27.00 at Chef's Resource.

9. Hamilton Beach Juicer
Want to balance out all those other people who give Cookies and other sweets as gifts? The Hamilton Beach Juicer makes a wonderful gift. 851 people have given this product an average review of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, so you know this is a tried and tested winner. At $49 it won't break the bank, and on January 1 when people are ready to put the holiday food coma behind them and embark on a liquid diet, they'll be thanking you for thinking of this incredible gift! Check out the product page at Amazon here.

10. Rolling Kitchen Island
You know what the problem is with all the magazines that profile a "dream kitchen?" Most people have a "reality kitchen." That means that space is usually at a premium, more storage is always needed, and the only "island" in your kitchen is the puddle of water surrounding your kid's unfinished dinner. Not to worry though, this gift will make you look like the dream weaver! The rolling kitchen island adds flexible space, makes for a great accessory to any kitchen, and as an added bonus has a compartment for your trash can so the garage receptacle won't have to be an eyesore in the corner of the kitchen anymore. Available for $179.95 at Brookstone, this gift is sure to be a huge hit! 

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