Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If you've always wanted to try tanning but have been afraid of the side effects of sun beds, or the residue that chemical spray tans leave behind, fear no more. A new trend in tanning has evolved and it is by far the most natural colorant on this planet.

Black tea leaves have proven to discolor teeth, hair, nails, whites of eyes, and now, in a more favorable way, skin. It's the same scientific principles that are used in spray tanning. The idea is to dye the outer layer, dry, dead skin cells and repeat the process after that layer has been shed from numerous showers, sweating, body oils, etc. The difference is tea leaf tanning is all natural and doesn't involve the same chemicals that many spray tans utilize.

Tea leaf tanning has been approached in the following ways:

1) SPRAY ON: The next time you pour yourself a cup of tea, make it a double, let is steep for 20 minutes, cool and then transfer the tea to a spray bottle, step into your shower and spray away. Allow the spray to sit on your skin for 30-45 minutes before rinsing off.

2) BATH: Some people are preparing hot baths with loose black tea leaves in them and soaking in the tea for up to 45 minutes before drying themselves off.

3) BLOTTING: If you have the time patience and tenacity you can choose to blot your skin with warm, damp tea bags until you achieve the color and coverage you desire.

4) LOTION: Another attempt at tea leaf tanning has been to wring out damp tea bags into a bottle of white lotion, mix and then apply the mixture to your skin. The results of this method v. the others has yet to be discovered.

While it may sound, strange our Yumologists are actually 100% behind this latest culinary cosmetic discovery. The fewer chemicals we expose ourselves to the better, and the stats on skin cancer's association with tanning beds is alarmingly high and continues to grow every day.

If you want to go golden this fall we suggest you tinge yourself with the tint of tea and embrace one of nature's most versatile products.



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