Friday, October 19, 2012

We're taking time out from the kitchen this weekend to reflect upon our fortunate circumstances. Our Yumologists spend almost every day cooking, baking, buying and testing delicious foods that we often take for granted. While many regions of the western world are able to purchase food in abundance, we also waste more food in a day than many third world countries eat in a month.

The nutritional balance amongst populations is extremely skewed, and while valiant efforts are being made by certain groups and individuals, a united attitude towards combatting hunger,  encouraging nutrition and developing sustainability needs to become more prevalent.

There are well over 100,000 food bloggers online. That's 100,000+ posts per day on new recipes, new food products, new diet trends, etc. Imagine if every one of these voices contributed to raising awareness in areas of food shortages and starvation.

Yumology is turning over a new leaf. While we will continue to bring our readers delicious recipes, new product reviews, health and wellness articles and food-based news, we also herby vow to profile  at least one group, individual, company or effort per week that is seeking to improve world hunger. These articles will be united in our Food for Thought series.

We know we're small, we know we're stretched thin, but dedicating an extra hour out of our week to ensure that at least one person is influenced to give back is a small, rewarding effort.

Our first Food for Thought article hits the web Monday. Please be sure to tune in and learn how you can help.

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