Sunday, October 28, 2012

Imagine a world full of incredible vintagesque, rock n' roll, designer t-shirts. Now imagine they don't cost $50. Now imagine they cost $30. Now imagine that $30 isn't going to line the pockets of high-powered executives. Now imagine that $30 is actually going to someone somewhere who really, REALLY needs it. Now imagine your designer t-shirt that cost you $30 that went to someone who really needs it is seen by someone who admires it and they ask you, "Hey, where'd you that awesome t-shirt?" Now imagine you and your awesome t-shirt have the opportunity to make a difference…

The people at aren't just some of the best designers we've ever seen, they're some of the most creative and generous people we've ever heard of. Every week the team at Sevenly dedicates  $7.00 from every product sold to the charity being advertised through that product.  

Yumology has chosen to profile Sevenly in their Food for Thought series because, although Sevenly does not work exclusively with world hunger, food and water issues, their team has certainly dedicated a significant portion of their efforts towards those causes. The following lists just a few food-focused global charities that have benefitted from Sevenly's generosity:

Generosity Water - $27,370 donated
Feed My Starving Children - $22,323 donated
Nuru International - $13,909 donated
Heifer International - $13,377 donated
Kiva - $8,008 donated
Thirst Relief International - $10,815 donated
Living Water International - $7,322 donated
Drop in the Bucket - $7,774 donated - $4,970 donated
Plant With Purpose - $2,625 donated

We appreciate the great work Sevenly has done to combat world hunger and water pollution, and  encourage sustainability. The numbers above alone add up to over $100,000.00 donated to issues of proper nutrition. 

If you'd like to learn more about Sevenly, their products, or how you and/or your cause can get involved visit



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