Tuesday, October 2, 2012

If you've been following the news lately you've probably heard the rumblings of a worldwide bacon shortage scheduled to take place next year. The media have blown the "aporkalypse" somewhat out of proportion, and have people everywhere clearing space in their freezers in order to stockpile their 2013 bacon supply while they still can.

The fact of the matter is that supplying bacon to the masses will not be an issue. Despite the feed shortages due to the massive drought middle-America endured this summer, pig farmers are still able to maintain their stocks on a diet of higher priced grains. So a "shortage" is not an accurate term.

What will happen is pork prices, particularly bacon prices, will rise to meet the feeding demands of the stock. Farmers can no longer afford to purchase grains grown at a higher price due to grain shortages, and continue to sell their bacon products at a low cost.

As inflated bacon prices currently take center stage, our Yumologists wonder what other animal products will we see go up in price due to the grain shortage? Surely pigs aren't the only animals paying costly feed prices.

While we here at Yumology enjoy our bacon and eggs as much as the next person, we're wondering if the inflation of meat prices isn't an opportunity to eat healthier and put the weight on where we all need it most, in our wallets!



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