Tuesday, September 4, 2012

For years now people have wondered if they should pay the extra money at the grocery store for the organic items versus paying less for non-organic items. What are the benefits? Are organic foods more nutritious?

A recent study conducted by Stanford University reveals that organic foods are healthier from a contamination standpoint. Nutritionally the value of an organic apple versus a non-organic apple are the same, the difference lies in the pesticides and antibiotics used in the growth and harvesting process.

While debate still swirls on the part pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics play in contributing to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and a number of other health problems, Stanford's researchers have discovered that non-organic foods tend to incubate antibiotic resistant strains of food bourne bacteria more often than organic foods do. This is most likely a result of overexposure to those same antibiotics during the maturation and growth process.

So while the nutritional value of foods remains the same whether you purchase organic or not, it's safe to say that the risk factors associated with the pesticides and growth processes used in non-organic foods are indeed far greater and should therefore be avoided whenever possible.

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