Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Move over Malbec. Take a seat Shiraz. Wine tastings are so yesterday. The latest trend in sipping comes from the olive branch and its balsamic brethren.

Our Yumologists experienced our first olive oil tasting while road reporting in Breckenridge, CO. Olive Fusion is a quaint, quiet gallery of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, salts, sugars and teas from around the world.

Upon entering the Olive Fusion tasting room we were greeted by experts and given a tour of the many exotic flavors Olive Fusion offers.

Our Olive Fusion experts Mollie and Ashley in Breckenridge, CO

Our first stop was the olive oil table, the centerpiece of the entire room.  Eight different varieties of olive oil were available for sampling either by sipping from a small, disposable cup, or by dipping locally baked bread into the flavors of your choosing. Our Yumologists opted to sip so as to get the full aromatic experience.

The olive oil selection at Olive Fusion varies with the seasons. The oils are changed out every six months to house the freshest harvests from either the Northern or Southern hemisphere, depending on the time of year.

Two of the new flavors of olive oil available at Olive Fusion

Next stop on our tour were the balsamic vinegars. An entire wall is lined with samplings, each offering their own intoxicating combination of flavors: Apple Red, Aged Tahitian Vanilla and Artisinal Serrano Honey to name a few. We could have easily spent all day sampling every sweet and savory balsamic, but we managed to control ourselves.

The Great Wall of Balsamic

It was time to move on to the salt and sugar selections where we encountered flavors like Vintage Merlot Salt, Ghost Pepper Salt, Clove Sugar, and, our personal favorite, Green Chili Sugar.

The salt and sugar selection at Olive Fusion

At this point our tongues were getting tired but our expert had just the remedy. Before we left Olive Fusion we washed everything down with a small cup of Green Walnut tea, from the array of flavors offered at the store's tea station.

The tea selection at Olive Fusion

We highly recommend a stop at Olive Fusion the next time you visit the Breckenridge, CO area. The company has also expanded to include a second location at the Silverthorne, CO outlets. Stock up on your own favorite flavors and give your recipes an exotic twist.

Once you've selected your vintage it is bottled and sealed for you to take home.

You can order products online and learn more about Olive Fusion at



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