Monday, September 3, 2012

If you've ever visited an In N Out Burger you've noticed and appreciated the simplicity of the menu.

Double Double
French Fries

Not complicated. You place your order, grab a booth and chow down.

As you come up for air, you take in your surroundings and notice the guy sitting next to you has an intriguing pile of fries - sauced and cheesy with a mountain of sautéed onions on top.  Wait a second…where was this on the menu? You didn't see an option for cheese fries, let alone cheese fries with sauce and onions? You feel cheated. You feel left out.

Fear not burger buddies. Yumology has the scoop and we're ready to educate the public on the makings of In N Out's Secret (yet No-So-Secret) menu.

Double Meat:  add an extra patty to your burger

3x3: Three beef patties on your burger incase you're stockpiling protein as a future olympian.

4x4: FOUR beef patties on your burger in the event you've given up all hope and plan to go down in a glorious blaze of beef.

Protein Style: Your low-carb option substitutes lettuce for the bun.

Grilled Cheese: Vegetarian option using two slices of American cheese in burger dressing instead of beef patties.

Animal Style: applies to both the fries and the burger and adds pickle, extra spread and grilled onions to the burger, and sauce, grilled onions and cheese to the fries.

A recent request has emerged for more vegetarian options on the In N Out menu. Opinions are torn as to whether or not this request should be met or vegetarians should shop elsewhere. Perhaps a second secret vegetarian menu is in the works. Time will tell.

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  1. Well I am fond of non-vegetarian food. But last week I tried cheese fries with sauce and onion from in n out secret menu. And you know I really liked it. Can you suggest me some more food items?