Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Maybe it's just us, but if we wanted to eat candies that tasted like candy corn…we'd eat candy corn! We wouldn't want candy corn flavored M&Ms, Hershey Kisses, Dots or Oreos, we'd want the real thing.

These poor little sugary teeth wait all year long for Halloween to arrive so they can finally fulfill their candy corn destiny and give millions of American dentists millions of reasons to smile.

So why are the bigger candy and cookie brands raining on candy corn's parade? Perhaps they see an opportunity to profit on the buzz that candy corn took years to create. Only problem is that candy corn flavored Oreos, and candy corn flavored M&Ms, and candy corn flavored Hershey Kisses can't match the original. The tastes and textures are disjointed, disingenuous, and in some cases disgusting. Consumers are left feeling cheated and still hungry for that candy corn experience.

Our Yumologists are purists, and when it comes to candy corn we suggest you don't mess with the best.
Celebrate your Halloween with the original candy corn.

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