Thursday, September 13, 2012

For those of you wishing to make your political preference known in every way possible you can now cast your vote with your morning cup o' Joe.

7-Elevens throughout the country have swapped out their traditional orange and green coffee cups for red and blue; red representing Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, and blue representing the current Democratic President of the United States Barack Obama. 

In an effort to take the temperature of the current political climate 7-Eleven is not only selling these cups, but tracking every cup sold to see which party leads in each state. As of today President Obama held a significant lead over the nation's coffee lovers, leading in 27 of the participating states. Senator Romney leads in just three, and the candidates are tied in three. 

It appears as though a significant number of states' 7-Elevens have chosen not to participate, which is disappointing, but for those of us living in those states that have hopped on the bandwagon it will be fun to watch the coffee polls during this heated season.

See which Presidential Candidate is leading in your state here:

While this year's election has brought about a ton of controversy, dividing the country more than ever,  7-Eleven has also created a peacekeeping slurpee to quell the heated tempers of political pundits.  

We all know that red and blue are the colors representing each party, but when you combine them together they make purple. 7-Eleven's Purple for the People slurpee beseeches customers to keep the peace within the nation by shutting down political debates that take place on social media platforms with coupons for 7-Eleven merchandise. 

Not sure we fully agree with this tactic, after all political debates are what this country was built on. While we appreciate the sentiment of 7-Eleven's Purple for the People campaign, we believe that attempting to quell political opinions with coffee and Cornnuts seems counterproductive to the greater good. 

It is however encouraging to see a company like 7-Eleven take such an active role in the national election. We hope others will participate with equal vigor.

All images courtesy of 7-Eleven

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