Thursday, September 6, 2012

Call us crazy…but we don't remember any COOKING in 50 Shades of Grey…in fact, we remember Christian having to force Anna to choke down food in quite a few scenes just to keep her stamina up. As a result we were more than surprised when we heard about 50 Shades of Grey cooking classes being held in a Westlake Village, California strip mall.

Couples, girlfriends and even mother-daughter duos (awkward!) attended the class as a way to celebrate their completion of the series. If you're wondering what the make-it-yourself menu looked like it contained the following:

  • Playroom Pretzel Ropes
  • Bondage Wrapped Shrimp
  • The Flogger Martini

And perhaps the most disturbing, Ben Wa Ball truffles. If you've read the book you'll remember Anna's affection for these small silver balls... not an image you want to conjure as you're chowing down on chocolate truffles.

I suppose there's room on every bandwagon, but some things just aren't meant to be together. 
Now a 50 Shades of Grey COCKTAIL party…perhaps that's a better fit. To each their own…



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