Thursday, August 23, 2012

Can't get enough Yumology? Good news, Yumology can now be found on Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.  We're still keeping up with our Facebook and Twitter feeds as well, but we thought it best to make your day even more delicious through every flavor of social media.

Yumology's most recent post will always be featured on the front of our tumblr page.

Our Yumologists will be pinning their own articles and recipes here as well as collecting new ones from fellow foodie bloggers across the globe.
Search the name "Yumology" and you'll be sure to find our page. We don't have many photos uploaded yet, but we promise this page will be full of flavor soon.

Our Yumologists ask for your patience as we spend the next few weeks transferring old content over to these platforms, while keeping you up to date on the latest food news, products and recipes.

Thank you to our current followers on Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and Google. We hope you'll continue to follow us as we expand.

Have a delicious day!



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