Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A recent ESPN interview with Kansas City Royals' nutritionist, Mitzi Dulan, found that Dulan had encouraged Royals players to substitute unnatural, processed sweeteners with a healthy dose of honey.

"I encourage all my players to eat clean and know the ingredients they are putting in their body by avoiding artificial foods and sweeteners. That's why I love honey, it's a natural energy booster all by itself," said Dulan.

Honey provides 17g of carbs per tablespoon and helps maintain muscle. It is ideal for a quick energy fix when players are exhausted from a brutal schedule of practice, travel and back-to-back games.

A seasoned sports nutritionist, Dulan has joined the National Honey Board as a spokesperson, encouraging major league teams across the country to introduce honey rich, natural recipes to clubhouse menus as a healthy option for players. There are numerous recipes to pull from but one easy way to introduce honey into an athlete's diet is to add a few drops to any water bottle as a substitute for other sports drinks.

After introducing her players to the healing properties of honey and a diet of clean eating Dulan has seen them experience an improved recovery time from injuries and a greater level of energy.

We hope this healthy habit helps homerun percentages nationwide, but especially in the Bronx since we here at Yumology bleed Yankee blue. GO YANKS!

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