Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The makers of Honest Tea have taken it upon themselves to determine which of America's cities are the most honest. The beverage maker set up unmanned kiosks at a number of locations and asked patrons to deposit $1.00 for every beverage taken.

The following U.S. cities were discovered to be the most trustworthy based on the honor system payments:
Oakland, CA = 100% 
Salt Lake City, UT = 100% 
Boulder, CO = 99% 
San Francisco, CA = 97% 
Seaside Heights, NJ = 97%

The least trustworthy location was Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn with just 61% of the drinks paid for.

On the upside, our Yumologists are glad to see that every location had over 50% of their beverages paid for.  Job well done to Honest Tea for expanding the impact of their brand and for revealing that on the whole our country is more honest than dishonest, which is inspirational in times of financial difficulty

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