Friday, August 10, 2012

As each year continues to bring a hotter and dryer summer, beverage industry giants such as the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group work to invent new ways to preserve natural water-based resources. The production of every Dr. Pepper Snapple Group beverage relies heavily upon a local water supply. Without this water supply the production lines could not function and some of America's favorite beverages would no longer exist.

The protection of natural watersheds is so important to the beverage industry business that the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is currently investing $1.1 million to ensure that natural water resources near their Texas production facilities are preserved and remain undeveloped. 

While many other companies have come up with technological production based solutions to combat water scarcity and encourage greener practices, the solution requires a more external solution, much like the one Dr. Pepper and Snapple have been efforting.

Without water there is no product, and while the main concern of these companies may be their bottom line, the international lack of water is a global problem that will inevitably affect everyone's health, as well as company profits. The sooner the support of large, billion-dollar companies is received, the sooner we can begin to combat the problem.



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