Friday, August 3, 2012

If you find yourself anywhere in or around the city of Wichita, KS this weekend, do your taste buds a favor and watch the USA tally up another gold medal from a barstool at Heroes Sports Bar & Grill.

Heroes is a local favorite in Wichita, boasting traditional bar fare with additional flavor, but it's their latest menu item that's turning heads. Heroes owner, Ryan Gates, has partnered with world renown chocolatier Beth Tully, of Cocoa Dolce, to unite the unexpected pairing of sports bar and chocolaterie, and deliver unto the world Sweet Pepper Chocolate Covered Bacon.

While the initial idea of thick cut, salty, smoky bacon being dipped in rare artisan chocolate and dusted with fleur de sel may take you aback, we highly recommend you tear down those walls, put on your grown-up pants and dive in head first. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you do.

Imagine being able to satisfy your afternoon salty and sweet cravings all at once. A candy bar that in one bite has the power to transport you back to the days of childhood breakfasts featuring chocolate chip pancakes, hot cocoa and a side of juicy bacon. This bar does just that, and it will have you back in your jammies asking mumsie for "more please" before you can say "adios" to your picky palate's inhibitions.

Heroes General Manager, Eric Davisson, boasts that the response to their Sweet Pepper Chocolate Covered Bacon has been impressive: "People seem to really enjoy it. We've been selling quite a few of them."

The bacon bars currently retail at $3.50 for one or $9.00 for three, and at the moment can only be purchased at Heroes in Downtown Wichita. "There are plans to eventually sell them from the Cocoa Dolce store and online," said Davisson, "with the hopes for product expansion and a variety of flavored Sweet Pepper Chocolate Covered Bacon bars currently being discussed."

We strongly encourage you to take time out of your busy weekend routine and pop into Heroes for a brewski and a little slice of Sweet Pepper Chocolate Covered Bacon heaven.

More information about Heroes Sports Bar & Grill can be found here:
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