Thursday, July 26, 2012

Have you ever sent your man to the grocery store for one or two items only to have him call you three or four times and show up five hours later than expected? The notion here is that men are unable to navigate a simple supermarket in a timely manner.

The owners of Westside Market on 110th and Broadway in NYC have devised a way to simplify shopping for men. It's called the man aisle and it houses a variety of testosterone driven products suitable for every bachelor's kitchen.

In the man aisle fellas can find cereal, chips, beer, soda, body wash, deodorant, beef jerky, a variety of condiments, soda, water, peanuts, burger buns, charcoal, cookies and condoms.

Women aren't quite sure how to respond to the Man Aisle. Some are outraged that life has been made even simpler for the male species, while others shake their heads with pity as they realize just how navigationally challenged and impatient men are.

Whatever the reason behind this latest trend it seems to have been met with success. Westside Market has had to restock the Man Shelves numerous times since the aisle's creation. All we need now is a flatscreen and bathroom on aisle five and the male market will be complete. Happy shopping boys!



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