Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One of our favorite things to have on hand in the summer is frozen fruit. You can load up the freezer with bags of your favorite varities and have endless possibilites all day long.

Frozen fruit is perfect to add to summer drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Not only do they give your glass a peppy pattern, but they offer a burst of unxpected flavor to water, lemonades, iced teas, fruit juices, wine and more!

Add frozen fruit to milk and ice to create a summertime slushie. Take the slushie mix and pour it into paper cups with a popsicle stick and make your own summertime popsicles. Pour the same mixture with coconut milk into a cupcake liner and freeze your very own tropical frozen fruit cups.

Frozen fruit is also great to use in summer baking. You can create an easy summer cobbler by pairing a bag of your favorite frozen fruit with one box of cake mix and a can of Sprite. See our Fizzy Fruit Cobbler recipe that we posted back in June for more details.

Parents of infants who are just learning to explore the wide world of food will appreciate the relief frozen fruit can offer to a teething baby. We've seen children 6 mos. and older explore frozen fruit in the feeding net pouches that help break down the food through noshing on the nets.

We know that many people encourage purchasing fresh as opposed to frozen but in this heat a quick, cheap, frozen fix might be just the ticket. We hope you'll grab a few fun, fruity combos on your next visit to the grocery store and share with us your favorite frozen fruit recipes!

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