Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mike Roberts, the former President and Chief Operating Officer of McDonalds, recently opened LYFE Kitchen, a fully organic, sustainable, responsible appraoch to fast food in Palo Alto, CA.

LYFE stands for - Love Your Food Everyday - and it is Roberts' intention to expand the reach of this Palo Alto fast food kitchen as a national chain serving healthy, locally grown, sustainable foods to billions of Americans with hundres of locations nationwide within the next five years.

LYFE will serve a menu based on responsible agriculture with items such as dairy free cookies, grass-fed beef from humanely raised cows, no butter, no cream, no high-fructose corn syrup, no GMOs, no trans fats and no additives. There will however be plenty of kegs of organic beer and carafes of biodynamic wine.

Yumology is always excited to learn about new, responsible approaches to food. We look forward to pulling up to a LYFE Kitchen drive thru and ordering a completely sustainable lunch on our 2017 annual roadtrip.

Best of luck with your endeavors Mike Roberts! We're behind you!

To learn more about LYFE Kitchen visit their website at: http://www.lyfekitchen.com/

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