Thursday, May 24, 2012

Have you ever had the urge to quench your workout induced thirst with a cool, crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc? Or wipe away your yogi glow with a decanter of rich, velvety Shiraz? While it may seem that exercise and aperitifs are counterproductive there is a growing trend in many New York City fitness studios to encourage feminine camaraderie through ladies only wine and workouts.

The idea came to pass as the female counterpart for boys, balls and brewskis. It's a well-known fact that many men build strong bonds and friendships through beers at the local bar after a tough workout on the basketball court. Women wanted this same opportunity but took it one-step further by bringing the bar to them and creating an event-like atmosphere within their workout regimen.

A shining example of how this latest trend is being organized is the "Raising the Bar" class at Uplift Studios (pictured above) in New York City:

You know that there's room for both fitness and fun in your life. And sometimes, there is room for both in your night! After 45 minutes of intense strength/cardio training, these classes are followed by wine, cocktail, beer, or coffee tasting sessions at our Flatiron studio, a favorite New York City restaurant, bars or cafe. Get to know your fellow Uplifters better as you unwind together! $40 per class (unless otherwise noted).

So go ahead girls, grab your yoga mats, stemware and best pals and give your body and your taste buds the workout they deserve.  CHEERS!

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