Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tonight is the season finale of one of our Yumologists' favorite shows: The Voice. It's been a while since we've paired reality personalities with foods and drinks we think embody their flavors, so we thought we'd bring back our culinary match making for this special occasion.

Each Voice contestant will be represented by a brand of liquor and their coach by a mixer, thereby creating a drink representative of each team.  Let's get started...

Team Adam

Tony Lucca
Jack Daniels
Tony has a down-home vibe with an edge which is why Jack Daniels suits him so well. It's familiar comfortable and can go multiple directions.

Adam Levine
Cherry Coke
Adam consistently pushes his artists to go the extra mile and break with convention which is why we could imagine him adding a twist to the traditional Jack & Coke with a splash of unexpected cherry to take drinkers for a spin.

Team CeeLo

Juilet Simms
Absolut Vodka
No funny flavors here, Juliet came to play. She hard-core and sticks to what she knows best. Juliet's raspy, powerful voice will have viewers spinning before they know they've had too much.

CeeLo Green
Not only is CeeLo a spokesperson for the bubbly citrus drink, but his personality embodies the refreshing flavor.  CeeLo is a positive upbeat coach and mentor to every contestant on the show. Never overly-critical, CeeLo knows how to add just enough flavor to every performance and lighten the mood when it needs it.

Team Christina

Chris Mann
Grey Goose Vodka
Not as rough and tumble as the previously mentioned Absolut Vodka, Grey Goose comes with an air of sophistication, experience and luxury.  Chris Mann's rich and silky voice offers a aire of finesse to the show.

Christina Aguilera
Olive Juice
You either love it or you hate it, but when used properly it can make or break a drink. Christina has made it abundantly clear she plans to play dirty this year.

Team Blake

Jermaine Paul
Makers Mark Bourbon
Jermaine's voice is full of rich and powerful notes and tones that are comfortable, forgiving and enticing all in the same breath.

Blake Shelton
Ginger Ale
Blake offers Jermaine an unexpected pairing. Unlike a typical, assumed cola accompaniment, ginger ale brings out the best in Makers just like Blake's unexpected country background does with Jermaine's soulful sounds.

So raise a glass and cheer on your favorites while enjoying their specialty drink this evening. CHEERS!

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