Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's a nasty fact of life that pizza, no matter how thin or fat, is not a part of any diet plan. However, in an effort to redeem our deep dish friend we are taking a look at the ways in which thin crust pizza is in fact a healthier option than hand tossed.

Yumology researched the nutrition facts associated with two slices of Dominos Delux thin crust pizza v. two slices of Dominos Delux hand tossed pizza, the following results were shown:


Calories:  310
Fat:  7g
Saturated Fat:  4g
Cholesterol:  15mg
Protein:  6g
Carbohydrates:  16g
Fiber:  1g
Sugars:  3g
Sodium:  340mg


Calories:  420
Fat:  17g
Saturated Fat:  7g
Cholesterol:  30mg
Protein: 18g
Carbohydrates: 50g
Fiber: 2g
Sugars:  4g
Sodium:  1000mg

So while pizza is arguably a black listed diet dish, they don't call it thin crust for nothing! Keep in mind you can also cut calories by asking for no cheese and trading greasy, high fat, meaty options for high fiber veggies.

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